Not at Mailbox Express!

It’s tempting to just watch this and say, ‘it’s crap, isn’t it?’ Because yes, it’s crap. There could be anything in there. It could be the games console you’re getting your kid for their birthday,  glassware, or any number of other breakables. But it goes further. While we’re sure this guy doesn’t represent all Hermes delivery drivers, winding up with idiots like this in your workforce is the risk you run when you hire incredibly fast on a massive scale, as all the big parcel delivery companies have had to do in the pandemic.

Meanwhile, we can tell you with 100% certainty you won’t get anything like that from Mailbox Express. We have very strict hiring policies and because we’re at a size we can enforce them. And while there will be exceptions at every level, we think the same could be said for a lot of SMEs compared to their corporate counterparts. Yet another reason to do business with more local businesses.

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