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Medical Services

Medical couriering leaves no room for error. Our clients in the healthcare sector need a service that’s fast, reliable, secure and compliant. They need to know that their consignments will be transported with care and diligence in precisely-calibrated conditions every single time.

That’s why they use Mailbox Express.

We offer a door-to-door temperature-controlled courier service tailored to your needs, whether you need to move blood, organs, clinical trials, specimens or highly infectious CAT A or CAT B substances. We offer expertly-packaged ambient, frozen, dry ice and 2-8 degree deliveries, and when it’s complete we’ll provide a chart showing that the consignment was kept at the right temperature the entire time.

Our drivers are trained in and compliant with ADR, GDP, IATA and MHRA regulations, and our emergency drivers, many of whom are former police, are IHCD blue light driver trained. Our medical drivers all carry TREM cards and spill kits as standard – we won’t take any chances with your consignment.

Transparency is key, so you’ll be able to track your consignment online and proof of delivery signatures are instantly available via email, SMS or telephone. On top of that, if we encounter any issues that could affect your delivery, such as heavy traffic, we’ll keep you informed.

Whatever you need delivered, we’ll get it there and we’ll get it right.

  • Same-Day

    When tomorrow isn’t fast enough, we’ll get your delivery where it needs to be.

    Mailbox Express has a 100% same-day delivery rate, and in 25 years we’ve never lost a package. There are a couple of reasons for that: first and foremost is the fact we don’t consolidate goods from different customers. You’ll get a dedicated driver for your delivery.

    Second: we’ll send the right vehicle for your delivery, whether it’s a scooter, a motorbike, a van or a Transit.

    On top of that we’ll fit our service to your needs, whether that’s delivering before or after a specific time or catering to special requirements like document sign-offs.

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  • Next-Day

    We’re proud of our 99.99% next-day delivery rate. If your consignment needs to get somewhere overnight, we’ll make it happen. We’ll collect your consignment at whatever time suits you, and we won’t make life difficult with early collection cut-offs.

    Our standard next-day timed delivery service levels are:

    • Before 7am (certain cities only)
    • Before 9am
    • Before 10.30am
    • Before Noon
    • Next Day (Before 5pm)
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  • International

    International shipping doesn’t have to be slow and complicated, but you need a specialist courier with the right knowledge.

    We offer express delivery on a pre-noon service to major European and American cities and a same day courier service to European destinations including Paris, Brussels, Dublin and Amsterdam.

    Our Authorised Economic Operator status means we can swiftly and simply navigate customs, taking your consignment directly to the plane so it isn’t sat in a room temperature storage space, breaking the cold chain.

    If your international delivery needs an extra layer of security, we can also provide a fully accompanied courier service from your door to your destination.

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  • Super-Fast

    For extremely urgent deliveries nothing will get it there faster than a bike, and Mailbox Express has the largest fleet of motorbikes outside of London.

    Using a bike instead of a van can shave up to a third off delivery times and our riders have hundreds of thousands of hours’ riding experience between them. We have the facilities to refrigerate blood, medical samples and more for super-fast transport by bike.

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  • Direct to Patient Deliveries

    Mailbox Express offers temperature-controlled, direct-to-patient deliveries of medication for patients who need clinical trials or pharmaceuticals administering by a nurse in their own home. Mailbox Express will meet your medical professional at the patient’s property on-time, and with the assurance your delivery has been handled with care and in the correct temperature range.

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  • Organ transport

    A swiftly delivered donor organ can be critical for patients in need. We can move them in temperature-controlled conditions on a motorbike up to 30% faster than in a van.

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  • Blood Transport

    Mailbox Express is equipped to move blood for transfusion safely, securely and in a temperature-controlled environment.

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  • Clinical Trials Transport

    Our temperature-controlled clinical trials courier service is IATA/ADR compliant, ensuring your consignment will be handled correctly at every stage of the delivery.

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  • Pharmaceuticals

    Our vehicles are secure, equipped with six cameras, slam lock doors, immobilisers and an emergency panic button. When you transport pharmaceuticals with Mailbox Express you can be sure that they’ll be safe.

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  • Specimen/Sample Transport

    Mailbox Express will deliver your medical specimens and samples quickly and securely in conditions so finely-tuned you’ll never know they left the lab.

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  • Infectious Substance Transport (Including Cat A And Cat B)

    Mailbox Express is certified to transport both CAT A and CAT B consignments, but for our clients’ peace of mind we take CAT A level of precautions for both. Mailbox Express’s in-house dangerous goods adviser will ensure that the right packaging and storage is provided for your specimen.

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  • Driver Training

    Mailbox Express provides driver training for organisations that need to move their own medical consignments. We can bring your staff in line with ADR and IATA standards, equipping them for the transport of infectious substances by road and issuing them a driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

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  • Animal Transport

    Mailbox Express is equipped to transport animals in line with guidance from the UK Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA) to ensure minimal distress.

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  • Dangerous Goods Couriering

    Mailbox Express has an in-house dangerous goods adviser to agree on packaging, so your dangerous or hazardous goods will always be properly handled.

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Blood samples


As solicitors we need a courier we can trust and Mailbox Express fits the bill. They’re reliable and bring a flexible approach to solving our delivery problems as well as working with us to keep the cost down.

Paul Beales
Head of Business Support, Shulmans LLP

I can’t speak highly enough about the service provided by Mailbox Express. Mailbox Express’s managing director took the time to understand our business and our needs. Then, not only did he provide a solution suited to our exact needs at the time but, even more impressively, he continues to periodically review our requirements and tailors new solutions as necessary. I would definitely recommend anyone to test drive the services available from Mailbox Express and I’m sure they’ll be quickly impressed with their value for money service, reliability and total professionalism.

Graeme Hodgson
Events Director, Jane Tomlinson's 'Run For All'

With turnaround times in the print Industry being constantly reduced I need to have a national same-day and overnight courier that I can absolutely rely on. Mailbox Express has been that company for the past four years. I have no hesitation in recommending Mailbox Express to any company which is looking to use a thoroughly professional and competitively-priced national courier company.

John Egan
Account Manager, Anorak

I would highly recommend Mailbox Express for a more personal touch to your courier needs.

Claire Dean
PA to David Owens & Oliver Lightowlers, CEO & Group Finance Director of Spice Limited

Mailbox Express is an extension of our team. We call on them to fill gaps whenever we’re short-staffed to do jobs like the banking run. We trust Mailbox Express with our most valuable documents and we can track and trace the package en route. For 24-hour reliability, you cannot get better.

Philip Drazen
Head of Business Law, Lupton Fawcett

We’ve been using Mailbox Express as our sole courier firm for the past ten years and have found them to be totally professional. Our facilities team have found Mailbox Express to be polite, flexible, efficient, and they always go the extra mile to help.

Susan Fitzsimons
Office Manager, Hempsons

Mailbox Express has been the most reliable and professional courier company I’ve come across.

Calvin Hargreaves
Assistant Supervisor, USDAW

I called Mailbox Express at 5.20pm on a Friday with a big problem. We needed to get some large-format graphics couriered to a venue for an awards dinner the following evening and our previous supplier had just let us down. One call to MBE and the problem was solved. By 6.33pm the graphics had been collected and delivered to the venue in Bradford. All this for a fantastic price, despite being a last-minute request that other suppliers may well have chosen to take advantage of. Brilliant. I can’t praise Mailbox Express enough!

Rob Woodhead
Project It Event Production

Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a courier I always give them Mailbox Express’s details. I have used MBE’s services for the best part of 20 years and although our volume is not huge, they still treat us with the efficiency and courtesy that I’m sure they do with much bigger clients.

Simon Baurley
Director, Smallprint

Mailbox Express always delivers a great service from start to finish.

Liz Walker
Office Manager, Farrell & Clark LLP, Architects

In the past two years I’ve found Mailbox Express friendly and reliable from the moment that I ring to arrange a collection until it reaches its destination. The drivers are always smart and helpful and will even ring back when they complete an urgent delivery.

Janice Rutter
Management Assistant, DSV Air & Sea (UK) Ltd

I use Mailbox Express on a regular basis, and having used other Courier services in the past I’d like to stress that Mailbox Express are very efficient and give a fantastic service. I choose to use Mailbox Express as they are very loyal and maintain a high level of service. They’ve delivered every single one of our packages on time and we’ve never had any issues. The staff are very professional and offer a friendly service, whether it is the office staff or the driver.

Hayley Lanata
Human Resources, Contour Housing Group Limited

Thanks to the Mailbox Express team, who put themselves out to collect and deliver our documents during the night on November 21st. The staff in our office ended up working much later into the night than any of us expected and as a result had to call the drivers to pick up deliveries to Nottingham and Glasgow in the early hours. Despite this they were both very understanding and turned up very promptly after our call.

Andrea Smith
Bid Coordinator at WYG Engineering Ltd