Courier Tip #1

Not all tracking is created equal, so think about how important it is to you. If you’re shipping primarily low-value items, the answer might legitimately be ‘not very’ and you can forget about this point. If, however, you’re shipping high-consequence items like the medical and legal consignments we deal with, or high-value commercial goods, you need to know that while all couriers offer tracking, it can have very different levels of reliability.

The problem is that many high-volume couriers such as the big UK operators have black holes in their chain. Your item goes into a huge parcel hub where it’s scanned in but never scanned out. It might still get delivered, but give you a banging headache for a day or two while you don’t know where it is. There’s a chance it’s been nicked. More likely it’s just misplaced, never to be seen again.

Again, the overall cost saving of going with a cheaper courier might make this risk worthwhile, but for high-consequence or high-value goods it’s probably not. You want peace of mind, and so do the people you’re shipping to.

If you need a bit of advice on who’s better and who’s crap at this, get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a non obligation chat.

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