Not only did they help deliver the boxes to Incasso you actually helped me take all 26/27 boxes down 3 flights of stairs and put them outside the room where id be working tomorrow.

This is fantastic service and id just like to make sure the team who helped get a big thank you from me as i really appreciated it!!

Mark Clark

One of the key influencing factors leading to High Technology Lighting using the services of Mail Box Express on an ever increasing scale, was the constant failure of the traditional couriers to adhere to needed delivery deadlines. Our previous courier had on two separate occasions failed to deliver a vital piece of equipment to allow site completion. The answer of “we are allowed to deliver until 5.30” at 5.25 and will not begin a chase, is not acceptable. Whe2 costs were mounting we turned to Mail Box Express, who delivered at 7.30 the next morning, with full driver traceability along the route. The alternative courier delivered five days later. If you require competitive pricing, on a dedicated or guaranteed service, then I would highly recommend Mailbox Express.

Graham Kemp, High Technology Lighting.

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Making international deliveries? Then you have a variety of options with Mail Box Express, including:

  • Express Delivery on a Pre-Noon Service, to major European and American Cities.
  • A full, accompanied courier service to your destination.
  • Sameday courier service to European destinations including Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Dublin.
  • Worldwide courier service with extensive experience as a world-class international courier.

Why choose us for your international deliveries?

  • No paperwork. We do all the admin so you don’t have to.
  • Global tracking – you’ll know where you consignment is, anywhere in the world no matter where you are.

Our national courier service is mirrored through our international service, we provide businesses with reliable and competitive international deliveries every single day of the year. Call Leeds, London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Harrogate, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester for your express international collection.


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